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Mission Statement

To empower each individual client to attain quantum leaps within their business and mind power,
leading to sustained success beyond their wildest expectations…

Hello, my name is Ron G Holland and you might have seen me on the TV, heard me on the radio or read about me in the press. For over 30 years I have been helping hundreds of entrepreneurs and medium sized businesses break through their barriers to growth in a short space of time through wealth hypnosis, strategic business ‘mentoring with bite’ and extreme implementation.

I have been written up as,…Leading Motivational Speaker, Top Biz Guru and the Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur. I’m known for being one of the World’s leading exponents on the subject of thinking and non-thinking. I give numerous seminars and presentations and I have been interviewed by TV, radio and the press on four continents. I have raised millions of dollars for early stage and start-up companies.

I have been at the cutting edge of personal development and self-help for well over thirty years. I am the author of many business books, manuals and audio programs including ‘Talk & Grow Rich’, ‘Turbo Success’ and ‘The Millionaire Within’. My first book, ‘Financial Kung Fu’ was published in 1977 and my audio programs, including ‘Escape From Where I Am’ are in every prison library in the UK, and have been highly acclaimed. My passion is fast cars, motorcycles and speedboats.

Mentoring with Bite & Wealth Hypnosis

First, let me congratulate you for actively seeking out a business mentor. This may prove to be the most important step in your career and financial life. I now look forward to developing a long-term relationship with you.

WHAT is ‘Mentoring with Bite’ and ‘Wealth Hypnosis’?

It is a pragmatic and creative business mentoring program combined with leading edge ‘Wealth Hypnosis’ which is designed to create paradigm shifts, breakthrough thinking, quantum leaps and above all, demonstrable results.

HOW does it work?

Ron gets to the bottom of your business goals, dreams and aspirations and then strategically guides and mentors you in the most expedient and pragmatic way. ‘Wealth Hypnosis’ is the powerful ‘secret weapon’ that is used to unlock, then program at a cellular level, your own subconscious mind.

WHEN do I get my FREE session with Ron?

You need to fill in the questionnaire provided on this site and we will follow up with you to arrange a mutually convenient slot for your Skype call.

WHO is Ron G Holland?

Ron is a Tour de Force, King Millionaire Maker and 22 times #1 bestselling author with over thirty five years’ experience at the bleeding edge of marketing, fund raising, growth, strategy, personal development, self-help and business mentoring.

WHY do I need this?

If you are doing six figures and want to go to seven, or are turning over one or ten million, or have hit any business plateau or buffer, and have a burning desire to go to the next level, then this powerful bespoke mentoring program is specifically designed to propel you there.

WHERE does this and subsequent sessions take place?

Once we have received and assimilated your questionnaire; you will be given various options of mutually convenient times for your FREE Skype session with Ron.

Test Drive Ron's Mentoring

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