Raising Capital With Your Business Mentor

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How Can a Business Mentor Help Me in Raising Capital? Business owners often experience the dilemma of raising the capital for their business. Even before you execute the plan, all businesses need fund or capital in order to run. It is comparable to a car that needs fuel in order to move. However, it’s not [...]

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Finding the Right Mentor

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The Right Mentor Can Help You Develop Money Consciousness... As a business mentor, I adopt an unusual holistic approach of powerful business acumen and mind power techniques when helping my mentees.  Certainly the majority of folk that I have worked closely with over a long period of time, agree that the mind-power side of things [...]

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Strategic Business Mentoring Delivered

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Ron G Holland specialises in helping people increase their business turnover from 6 to 7 figures. Ron is a business mentor who really get results with his unique and proven formula and often gets called in to mentor clients all across the world. There are a multitude of solutions Ron delivers to businesses, and is [...]

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