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Finding the Right Mentor

The Right Mentor Can Help You Develop Money Consciousness…

As a business mentor, I adopt an unusual holistic approach of powerful business acumen and mind power techniques when helping my mentees.  Certainly the majority of folk that I have worked closely with over a long period of time, agree that the mind-power side of things is frequently more important than the business-side of things.  Many of my mentees who have really adopted the powerful mind power principles and practices that I proselytize, have gone on to become millionaires.

There are a number of things worth pointing out.  I often come across entrepreneurs, netpreneurs and executives who started out well; full of goals, ambition and positivity, but as the cold reality of business strikes home of having to pay overheads; keep employees happy, create marketing campaigns that actually work in the real world, attract enough clients to be viable and a host of other day-to-day distractions come home to roost, they tend to lose drive, buzz, Mojo and enthusiasm.

My job as a mentor is to ‘not buy into’ where my mentee is currently at, either mentally or business-wise; although you may be surprised as to the number of mentees that would try to persuade me to go down their particular path of non-productivity, failure, poverty and despair.  My job is to stretch, grow and expand their thinking and get them back into the same space that they were in when they first started out.information-overload

Knowing Too Much Is Often A Dangerous Thing

It’s a funny thing, that when we start out in business we often know practically nothing and that in itself is a powerful tool and driver for success.  We are not frightened to give things a go; try new technologies, experiment, go down paths even if we see no light at the end of the tunnel, take risks, trust people, try all sorts of crazy marketing tactics, get the money in by hook or by crook – do whatever it takes.

Then, what happens as we grow, develop and get too far big for our own slippers, we often tend to slip out of gear and instead of being in that ‘wonderful creative space’ where all things are possible, we slip into left-brain thinking and start to analyze everything we are trying to do, should it work out not quite right.

We now know too much; particularly all the things that don’t work, shouldn’t or work can’t work. I love the expression that to ‘analyze is to paralyze’.

I want to say more about this because I believe that it’s the ultimate key to success, the key to the kingdom.  After being exposed for four decades to creative people who create product after product and never do any marketing and on other hand meeting others who try for years to market useless uncreative products, I have learned that the key to success is to develop uncanny analytical and creative skills.

You might call this ‘right and left’ brain thinking. I think it can take years to develop this type of skillset and often the right mentor can frequently take years off that learning curve by helping to encourage the correct mind-set and adopt certain thought patterns, that can take you there and keep you there in that ‘success mode’.

You Need To Program Your Mind at a Cellular Level

For sustained success you’ll need to do more than right and left brain thinking; which ostensibly is thinking in pictures as much as you do in words.  You really want to impact the hundred billion cells in your brain at a cellular level.

You do this by deliberately getting emotional about your goals, dreams and aspirations and visualizing at the same time. You can listen to my #1 best-seller, The Millionaire Within – 7 Keys to Cracking the World’s Most Wanted Code.

This is a detailed instruction manual for programing your mind for sustained success and is the conclusion of my thirty years work and research at the coal face concerning success; mind power and high performance human behavior.

You can see my video here about developing money consciousness.

My Facts Are Based On Over 30 Year Experience

I know for a fact, that after 30 years of mentoring and being at the cutting edge of mind power, that many entrepreneurs and executives that I’ve worked with started off by falsely believing that they were extracting the most from their minds, operating at optimum and on a high flying spectrum, only to realize that once they really got into it and started taking the whole mind power thing seriously, they realized that they weren’t operating at even 1% of their brain / mind (human biocomputer) potential.

It often takes the right mentor to gently draw out (and sometimes not so gently) this awesome-potential and more often than not, it doesn’t happen day one.  Many times it happens over a long period of time; teaching, training, coaching, constructive criticisms, two-way dialogue, patient mentoring and much tough love thrown in for good measure.


My Best Advice

My best advice is not to deceive yourself. So many folk confuse that reading 100s of self-help books, attending numerous workshops and listening to every webinar under the sun is the way to become a mind power person, entrepreneurial success or high-flying executive.  It’s a good start agreed, but it is only a very small part of the overall story.  Of course what you really need to be doing is programming your own mind at a cellular level, by closing your eyes and visualizing with great swathes of emotion the things that you are trying to accomplish.

Unless you actually start practicing and INTERNALIZING the mind power techniques that you’ve read about, you’ll never really switch ON the billion dollar computer that is at your constant disposal morning, noon and night.  Of course I’m talk about the computer between your ears, your neck-top computer, your billion dollar biocomputer – and it really is time that you deliberately switched it ON.

Time to Really Develop Massive Money Consciousness

I would suggest that even if you have developed money consciousness to some degree or another, whatever that degree is, expand that to something massive, all-encompassing and overwhelming.  Start deliberately developing a white-hot burning desire for financial success.  Think massively by focusing on your goals and use your imagination to actually ‘see’ in your minds-eye the things that you will accomplish with that financial abundance.

Nobody is denying that this takes hard work and concentrated effort and in doing these mental exercises you really do have to discover out what works for you.  Whether you actually ‘see’ piles of cash or ‘see’ numbers positive on a bank statement or ‘see’ luxury cars, dream homes and other tangible goodies or perhaps a combination of all these good things, the most important aspect is to deliberately add massive amounts of emotion to these ‘visons’ as though these goals are already accomplished.

cars- homes-lifestyle

Images are for inspirational purposes only and not a guarantee of results. All business requires hard work. Results are not typical.

The right mentor will really give you a paradigm shift about money consciousness because it’s so important. You’ll hear me say this many times.  The greatest self-help secret of all times is that people just don’t do it.  They don’t set goals, visualize in great detail, add massive emotion and be extremely diligent about becoming a mind power person.

With the right mentor you really will make this happen once and for all, and it’s important to do this because without making this profound change, things will stay the same and surely you don’t want another three years of the same – do you?

How to Go From Six Figures to Seven

To go from six figures to seven you really do need to be impregnating your 100 billion cells in your brain with images and emotions of bigger and better and more profitable marketing campaigns. Imagine huge amounts of products and services flooding out the doors and visualizing the picture on your customers faces.  ‘Hear’ in your own imagination, the happy praise of your customers and ‘see’ emails of satisfaction, appreciation and thanks.

Deliberately use your imagination to create a seven figure income and a seven figure business in advance of it happening, because this is the true trick and the key to manifesting those seven figures in the real world.  It is now time to harness the awesome power of your billion dollar biocomputer and make your dreams a reality.

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