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Strategic Business Mentoring Delivered

Ron G Holland specialises in helping people increase their business turnover from 6 to 7 figures.

Ron is a business mentor who really get results with his unique and proven formula and often gets called in to mentor clients all across the world. There are a multitude of solutions Ron delivers to businesses, and is particularly helpful when business owners are stuck in that business rut, and feel they can't break the glass ceiling by increasing turnover and profit.

If a business has temporarily plateaued or is just not growing at the rate that the business owner or entrepreneur believes it should, the right mentor is essential. Ron is able to come into a business and calling upon his years of experience, he can hold your hand and in the first instance, and help instil the vision and renew the problem solving enthusiasm you originally had when you started up the business.

Ron offers a full range of entrepreneurial and corporate mentoring services. These range from Equity and Debt Finance where he will lead you through the correct process of raising funds for your business. This service includes the whole process from the correct documentation right through to having money in the bank.

You will not only learn his patented lead generation formula, which cost effectively generates an unending supply of business leads, but you will learn how to apply the correct business strategy, and start to “create the magic”.

Many businesses that approach him are looking to massively increase their rate of business growth, increasing profitability as well as turnover. Having a business mentor in place to show you the methods of expansion that you are not aware of, or maybe haven't considered, is just essential. Ron is a hired brain; he makes the hitherto impossible happen in business.

One of the many ways of growing your business will involve acquisitions and disposals. There are many pitfalls and having the right mentor helping you can save you time and help you avoid making costly mistakes. And indeed having the right contacts always helps in this area.

Having a corporate mentor to make warm introductions to bankers, investors, brokers, accountants, lawyers on the financial side of the business is essential. But that is notwithstanding the need to develop your business holistically. Your business mentor will have many contacts in the world of marketing, (internet marketing as well) PR companies, Designers and so on.

There are not very many businesses or organisations that could not benefit from more sales and marketing expertise. That coupled with how to implement that knowledge and apply in order to grow the business. Having the right mentor will open a business owner's eyes to many opportunities that they may have, up until that moment, been blinded to.

The short video below will help you put a face to the name, and although primarily, this video is aimed at our UK Market, it will give you a flavour of what we are all about:

Often It's helpful to see what other people say or the experiences they have had.

See below as Darrell Mott tells his story. Darrell and I are now working together on many projects together, and we go from success to success..

Call Darrell on the number you see on this site, and he will be happy to have an initial chat with you, and if appropriate, arrange for us all to talk!

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